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Kenneth Newby

Kenneth Newby’s music blends a rich set of influences and experiences.  After early studies in classical piano and voice, theory and harmony, he attended the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, New York in the summer of 1979 where he launched his interest in the use of computers in the performance and composition of music. After spending time in Bali studying gamelan music, he pursued graduate studies in advanced computer music and media composition at SFU including fieldwork in Indonesia studying classical Javanese gamelan music. 

In 1994 his Ecology of Souls was released, widely lauded as a landmark in the Ambient Electronic / Spectral genre. His Sirens album and collaborative work with Steve Roach and Stephen Kent on the Halcyon Days project contributed to the Ethno-Ambient genre. Moving into the design world he worked at Pixar Animation Studios and Electronic Arts developing innovative interactive music techniques. 

 His recent composition work has brought him back to his classical roots and the creation of a personal theory of music embodied in his Flicker Computer Assisted Composition system. The music—at once nuanced, sensual, exciting and beautiful—can be heard on the three volumes of his Emergence Trilogy: Chambers; Elegeia; and spectral (golden) lyric.