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Becoming World Portraits

Becoming World Portraits - High Resolution Digital Image Files or Archive Quality Prints

The Becoming World project is the result of several years of research and development, in collaboration with visual artist Aleksandra Dulic, into a generative art system that produces stunningly beautiful portraiture that fuses images of humans with visual elements drawn from a wide variety of sources, including the environment, landscapes, plants, animals, material textures, such as rust, earth, water, ice, mist, clouds, and so on.  

Now you can have your own custom-crafted Becoming World Portrait Each one of these unique one-of-a-kind images is lovingly produced in the atelier of the Flicker Art Collaboratory. You provide a portrait photograph that complies with the image specifications provided, and any other images you would like to be used in the production of a set of proofs.  

If you don't want to provide your own image, you're welcome to choose one from our large selection of Becoming World portraits that we have in Becoming World database.

We offer a consultation service to work together with you on the production of the image so that we can achieve your vision. 


There are two products available:

    1. A high-resolution digital image file, suitable for printing. Make as many copies as you wish.

    2. A professional archival-quality print suitable for framing. A range of sizes are possible.


Please contact for information on production scheduling, pricing and process.