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Kenneth Newby: Chambers

by Flicker String Quartet

Released 2017
Flicker Art Collaboratory
Released 2017
Flicker Art Collaboratory
Compositions of contemporary classical music for string quartet and chamber ensemble. 21st century art music.
Kenneth Newby
Chambers — Volume One, Emergence Trilogy

The compositions collected in this volume represent the culmination of a five-year process that saw the development of the Flicker Computer-Assisted Composition System and a broad set of compositions entitled Emergence Trilogy that were composed with this system. The composition system is itself composed of a set of generative processes for the creation of musical structure, a set of procedures for the rendering of compositions as expressive performances, and a number of editing and re-composition tools used to further develop and evolve the compositions heard here. Taken together these procedures, structural relationships and the myriad ways by means of which order is brought to the materials at hand, constitute a kind of personal theory of music enabling me to move into new musical territories. While much of the music heard in this collection was developed using this procedural theory, some of the pieces were developed from a single idea into their finished state by making use of only the performative and expressive capabilities of the Flicker system. Illustrative of this are the chamber works, for Kathryn and for Mingus which order both melodic and harmonic materials according to the infinity series discovered in the 1950s by Danish composer Per Norgard. The series produces a melodic structure that reproduces itself at various levels of scale and, as a consequence, results in melodic structures at once mysterious yet coherent.


prelude - invocation (string quartet)

ten microludes for string quartet (string quartet)

procession i - ii - iii (string quartet)

for Kathryn (prepared piano, harp, alto flute, contrabass clarinet, bass trumpet, tenor trombone,
double bass, crotales, bass waterphone)

Stealth for String Quartet (string quartet)

for Mingus (prepared piano, alto flute, contrabass clarinet, bass trumpet, tenor trombone,
double bass, crotales, bass waterphone)

String Quartet - first study (string quartet)

Volumes two and three of Emergence Trilogy are in preparation and are anticipated for release in late 2017 and early 2018. The music contained in those two volumes will range through string quartets, music for chamber ensembles, music for the Balinese Gamelan Semara Dana, a small ensemble of Chinese instruments, and vocal works.