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Seasonal Round

by Kenneth Newby & Robert Anthony

Released 1998
Flicker Art Collaboratory
Released 1998
Flicker Art Collaboratory
def.Seasonal Round
1. a sound art work combining spoken word, acoustic, and acousmatic sound;
2. an opera-hypermedia developed around themes of Time, Nature and Cosmology --- Orality and Embodiment --- Soundscape and Place;
3. a gift to our children;
Notes on Composition: " this case channeling the Muse is a form of ecstatic communication --- Ek-stasis --- not Plotinus' "flight of the soul from the body" but the expansion of the soul/body into mind-space, becoming a more expansive being, dwelling in a larger world of reciprocal relations... polymorphously embedded in intimate relations with Nature."

"Through art we do not express ourselves... we change ourselves... and hope to carry others with us; into the space of pure fascination with the Other, to fathom the realms opened up to us in our deepest reveries... the crystalline hyperspaces disclosed by our plant teachers ("Mushrooms. Teaching machines." J. Cage)... to die in the arms of a lover... to birth a child... to be lost in the midst of a rush of aural exfoliation... to stand in awe of the gifts of Nature: mountain... lake... arbour... shore... to experience the complexity of BEING to the point of BECOMING... aleatory... XAOS... an intensity of experience to the point of pleasure: pure chance & vertigo."

"if modernism was the story of the disenchantment of the world, we want to see its re-enchantment... to speak of deeper realities hidden to common sense. dwelling for a time in the world of primal consciousness... the postmodern-archaic... the lure of tradition and its lessons of appropriateness: how to act---how to feel. still learning the spontaneously developing order that unfolds around us while we busy ourselves making other plans... trying to find a sonic correlate to the fluidity, the proximity, the availability, the incessant saturation of intensely lived experience... ek-stasis --- surrender."